Learn The Art of Audience Attraction

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I'm Bobby Donohue, founder of Fuelblue, and host of The Art of Audience Attraction Facebook Group for entrepreenurs. I help entrepreneurs create a killer brand image and video marketing strategy so you can attract your audience and turn them into paying clients. My weekly Fuelblue TV series teaches entrepreneurs about branding & marketing. And my weekly VLOG series shows you how I tackle video marketing firsthand for myself & my clients.

Learn the Art of Audience Attraction

You're invited to join The Art of Audience Attraction. This group is for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to attract an audience of fans, evangelists, and clients.

Growing an audience is an art, and requires a mindset of service. When applied with consistency and persistence, your audience will gather around you. Learn how in the group. It's free.

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I'm making a weekly video blog (vlog) to create even more awesomeness about marketing strategies and tactics, and to show you different ways you can do it too.