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I Solve 3 Major Problems for Technical B2B

I help technical B2B business owners & CEOs use video and the web so you can educate B2B buyers, increase leads in your pipeline, and make more sales. I've identified three major problems that nearly all of you deal with. Whether you know it or not, these three major issues are hemhoraging your business, and holding you back from the results you want.

Problem 1.

Your prospects don't see much difference between you and your competitors.

Your B2B company probably looks like all the other companies in your industry. You all present your technical information the same way. You showcase your products and services the same way. You use the same words and images to create your corporate identity. The result is a homogenous looking industry. So your prospects make decisions based on price.

When everyone in an industry looks and acts the same way, your prospects believe your offerings and expertise are also all the same. From their perspective, there’s no benefit to choosing you over one of your competitors. So the only differentiator they have at their disposal is price.

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Price is important, but…

When a B2B buyer is researching a purchase, they want to solve a specific problem, or address a specific issue. A solution to their immediate needs is their top priority. In most cases, they will be looking for guidance, support, and expertise. Not just the cheapest supplier.

Prospects are ignorant

You know you can do what they need, but they don’t. You know your offering is the best, but they don't. Your brand image is telling them you’re the same as every other company in your industry. Your website is telling them your offering is virtually interchangeable with anyone else’s.

You are a clone of your competitors

Imagine switching the content on your site with the content on your competitor’s site.  We bet most prospects wouldn’t notice. Your web and video content is your chance to express the core of your brand message. It show them that you have the best answer, and are the only choice. Or it can tell them you have the same bland answer as everyone else, and it doesn’t matter who they choose.



Problem 2.

Your prospects are researching and deciding without you.

Did you know that by the time a B2B buyer contacts you, they’ve already gotten 57% of the way through their decision process? They’re doing research all by themselves. They’re making decisions without your input. How many prospects are eliminating you from the running without ever contacting you? The power of information is now in the hands of the buyer, instead of the seller.

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You're not engaging them

They're bored. 59% of executives would rather watch video than read text, yet most B2B companies are still slow to produce consistent video content.

You're not converting them

Your site visitor wants information, and you want to know who he or she is. But your website has no mechanism to offer information of high value (industry report, white paper) or a free tool in exchange for their contact information. If you did, you'd have a lead. Instead, you have a ghost.

You're not nurturing them

Maybe you have converted them into a lead (well done!), but leads don't automatically become customers. They need a path laid out for them one step to the next, culminating in an invitation to connect.

Like this...

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Problem 3.

Your prospects think they're as smart as you.

Your prospects and customers buy technical products and services all the time, so they think they understand your offering as well as you do. But, they don't. This often leads to costly mistakes when placing orders. And they might have expectations that aren’t based in reality. They think they understand your field as well as you do, but they actually need guidance and education. Too bad you’re not giving it to them.

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They need education and support

Your audience could benefit from ongoing education in your field. It teaches them how to use your product or service to the fullest, and how to order easily. You could be using video to teach them proper care and maintenance, or use cases they may not think of on their own.

They think you only do one thing

People like to compartmentalize things. Once they think of something from one perspective, it’s difficult to see it from another. This applies to technical businesses too. If a prospect sees your company as a solution to Problem A, they might not see you as a solution to Problem B. It's your job to enlighten them, not theirs.

You're not where they are

It's not up to B2B buyers to discover the ins and outs of your offering. It's up to you to put yourself in front of them, in the format they prefer - which today is video. But many technical B2B businesses live inside their small bubbles, believing everyone knows who they are. Guess what? They don't.


Next Step

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