The Story of "Us" | VLOG #7

This week, I wanted to tell you a story. It’s the story of me and my take on entrepreneurship. It’s the story of us - my wife and family and me as we’ve designed our life and business on purpose. But mostly, it’s the story of US - all of us as entrepreneurs share a common story. The details may differ but the underlying foundation is known to all of us.

As we all move through our days trying to market our businesses, reach more people, make videos, and service the clients and customers we have, it can sometimes be difficult to stay focused on the fire inside us that drove us to become entrepreneurs in the first place.

And that can really hurt us in the long run because we end up reacting to stimuli around us, rather than pro-actively driving the direction of our lives and businesses. It’s happened to me before, and it’s certainly happened to you - to us all.

It’s part of our story.

But the full story should be that we re-focus our energy on that inner fire, and move forward with deliberation and confidence.

Thats’ MY story. And I want it to be your story too.