The 3 People You Make Videos For | VLOG #5

Do you worry about "giving away the farm"? In this vlog, I talk about why marketing is about giving freely, and why doing so is better for your audience and for you. I also describe the three distinct types of people who will watch your videos, and how giving of yourself freely is going to win over all three in different ways.

Also in this episode, and quite unplanned, I ran into two snafus we will all run into when making blogs or videos, particularly when outside the comfort of our offices, homes, or studios. First, I was in public, and had to contend with people walking around me (how dar other people go to the beach!).

Second, I had to deal with some wind issues. Sometimes, we don’t realize we had an issue until we’re all finished filming, and begin editing. A good solution to this problem in the future is not film on a windy day, or to get a really good microphone with a wind screen.

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