Getting Started - Marketing Doesn't Start Itself | VLOG #1

My first vlog! This vlog is all about marketing and branding for entrepreneurs, SMB owners and CEOs. Today, I just get started with this vlog. Am I 100% prepared? Not even close!

Marketing doesn't just happen. You have to decide to do it, and most important, you have to decide to start.

In this video, my oldest bestest friend helps me film some stuff, and we also make a video for him.

Check out Tony Walker and Knock'em Dead Comedy here:

And here's the video we made for him in this video:

For anyone interested, this episode was shot entirely on my iPhone 6S. I want to get a Moment lens, Rode mic, and bendy tripod but I didn't have them yet. So I just got started with what I have on hand. The quality of your message is more important than the quality of your equipment. JUST GET STARTED!!!

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