Fear of Making a Mistake in Marketing | VLOG #3

Sometimes we allow fear to cause inaction. We’re afraid of making a mistake, so we do nothing. But in marketing, as in most things in life, this can be a huge mistake.

Today had to get up early, and that doesn't sit well with me. I spend some time with two of my friends and clients. Jeena Belil is a personal injury attorney here on Long Island, and she’s starting her own video efforts on YouTube and Facebook. We talked a little about some of the challenges and fears she faces in doing this, and the importance of keeping your car mosquito-free.

Then my wife Laura and I meet with my buddy Tony Walker (he was in blog episode #1) and his girlfriend Sallie. Tony and I discuss the challenges of choosing how to allocate limited time and money to your marketing, as well as the proper size of spatulas and chimneys.

You can meet Jeena at the website I made for her:

And check out Tony’s dinner theater company:

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