Video Marketing Library & Platform

Video is the most powerful medium there is for engaging and educating B2B buyers and executives, yet most technical B2B companies are under-using it, or missing the boat completely. Most business executives watch and share videos, and retain the information - about 95% of tech decision-makers watch technology-related videos, and 71% watch them on the vendor's website (that's you). But hardly any industry companies are making enough (or any) videos. This is a golden opportunity.

Your prospects think they're as smart as you.

Your prospects and customers buy technical products and services all the time, so they think they understand your offering as well as you do. But, they don't. This often leads to costly mistakes when placing orders. And they might have expectations that aren’t based in reality. They think they understand your field as well as you do, but they actually need guidance and education. That's where video comes in.


They need education and support

Your audience could benefit from ongoing education in your field. It teaches them how to use your product or service to the fullest, and how to order easily. You could be using video to teach them proper care and maintenance, or use cases they may not think of on their own.

They think you only do one thing

People like to compartmentalize things. Once they think of something from one perspective, it’s difficult to see it from another. This applies to technical businesses too. If a prospect sees your company as a solution to Problem A, they might not see you as a solution to Problem B. A Video Marketing Library (VML) works to enlighten them.

You're not where they are

It's not up to B2B buyers to discover the ins and outs of your offering. It's up to you to put yourself in front of them, in the format they prefer - which today is video. Most business executives prefer video, but most B2B businesses aren't providing enough videos to make an impact.


Video marketing creates traffic, reputation, and credibility.

Video Marketing Production

Video Marketing Library (VML) Strategy

Adding new content to your website on a consistent basis is the key to marketing success, and we need a strategy for creating, publishing and promoting it. We'll determine the best video format for your audience (vlogs, video essays, talking head), how often to publish new content (daily, weekly, monthly), and where to distribute and promote it (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and so on).

Video Production

The elements of a Video Marketing Library are your videos - a unique video series custom-made for your business. This service can include all phases from writing and recording, to editing and distribution. Video is by far the most effective media type to connect with prospects. For technical B2B companies, effective videos can include how-tos, product walk throughs, or behind-the-scenes vlogs.

Video Distribution & Management

Once your Video Marketing Library is underway, we can distribute your videos to various channels (YouTube, Vimeo) and manage your social media distribution. This includes creating and sharing teasers for social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


How many B2B leads are being generated through your website each week?

How are you engaging and nurturing those leads?

And how many leads are converting into customers because of your marketing efforts?

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Process & Pricing

Our approach to marketing for technical B2B is a long game. There are no shortcuts to establishing expertise or elevating a brand above its competitors. We work on all aspects - your brand image, Video Marketing Library, and inbound marketing - to help you with business growth, lead generation, and improved sales.

We offer 6-month, annual, or multi-year contracts. Depending on the scope of work, and the contract duration, our fees typically range from $2500/month to $12,000/month.

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