Process & Pricing

My approach to technical B2B is a long game. There are no shortcuts to establishing expertise or elevating a brand above its competitors. I focus on all aspects - your brand image, web presence, and video content - to help you with business growth, lead generation, and improved sales.

And it's important to note, when you hire Fuelblue, you work directly with me.

The following sections showcase the specific services we provide to achieve this. Each client has a unique budget, and a specific set of needs, so there are no one-size-fits-all packages. We will determine which items you need from this list, and at what scale, to fit your budget and solve your issues.


For the DIYers out there, I offer consulting services to help you strategize and monitor your efforts. You may already have tools and pieces in place, but would like a guiding hand, or brainstorming partner to make sure you've got everything moving in the right direction. We can set up weekly or monthly strategy sessions to map out your campaigns, articulate your message, measure progress, and so on.

Your consulting program can encompass any or all areas of branding and marketing (logo and brand image, web and email marketing, video design and production).

Consulting programs are ongoing month to month

Programs typically range from $1000/month to $5000/month

Logo Design

Your logo is the central hub of your visual branding and marketing efforts. I begin by interviewing you (and your key team members if appropriate) to get a sense of the vision you have for your business. Then I draw that vision so that others around you (your employees and partners, customers and prospects, vendors and competitors) can see it too. That's your logo.

The logo becomes the basis of your brand image and all corporate identity collateral material. In other words, we establishg the look, feel, colors, fonts, and imagery to create business cards, brochures, stationery, internal papers, packaging, signage, vehicles, and more.

We can also create high profile printed pieces like a project Look Book, or client Desk Reference. These are your product catalogs transformed into useful resources your audience can keep and refer to for future needs.

Logo design and corporate identity design are one time projects

Projects range from $2000 to $15,000

Website Design & Development

We develop websites using the open source Drupal platform. In my experience, this robust platform is the most stable, flexible, and scaleable. We focus on creating a website that will attract visitors, of course. But more than that, we have an eye on engaging those visitors so they stick around once they do arrive.

Features like mobile-ready, SEO modules, browser optimization, etc. are all standard these days, and you should expect them from any web developer you choose. But I design sites with your B2B buyer in mind. What is going to grab their attention and keep them on your site, rather than leaving to check out your competitor? What will get them to engage and share their contact info, request a quote, or call?

Web design and development is a one time project

Projects range from $3500 to $20,000

Website Prosperity Plans

Your website is not a novelty item you place on a shelf and forget about. It's a living branding and marketing tool which must be updated, upgraded, enhanced, optimized, and added to constantly. Web technologies change. SEO requirements change. Buyer expectations change. Standard web features change. Your site must change as well to remain relevent to your audience.

Our Website Prosperity Plan is designed to make sure that your site is always at the top of its game, with timely updates and content additions. This includes updating the web platform, monitoring and updating SEO, adding new web features as they become available, redesigning or tweaking sections when web standards or user expectations change. Change is constant and swift on the web. Your website needs to reflect that.

Website Properity Plans are ongoing month to month

Programs range from $500/month to $2500/month

Video Design & Production

Ongoing content marketing is essential to staying in contact with new web leads, and nurturing these relationships over time. It's too easy to forget about you if you are not creating a steady stream of new content for your audience. Video is far and away the most effective, and most desired medium for content. Blogs and podcasts may require less time and effort to create, but they also have much less impact on your audience overall.

Video is also a daunting task. You need a system to record and edit multiple episodes in a series. You need equipment, space, and time to record. You need ideas for content. You need a vision for the look, feel, and sound of your series. You need to understand the various channels for hosting and sharing videos. 

Actually, you don't need to understand any of that stuff, because we do. We can work with you to design your series, create your videos, distribute them, and help you use them to attract and nurture leads.

Video design and production is ongoing month to month

Programs range from $1000/month to $5000/month

Email Marketing & Customer Journeys

With leads identified and established from your website, we need to nurture these new relationships by sharing your ongoing video content. There's a fine line to lead nurturing: too aggressive and they will run; too timid and they will forget you.

First, we create customized Customer Journeys for new leads. These special email campaigns are triggered for individuals when they first join your email list. They're designed to keep the momentum from their website visit going, and further introduce them to your content and services.

Next, we send out periodic emails to your segmented lists to share your new content. This can be weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly, depending on your content shcedule and audience expectations.

Email marketing programs are ongoing month to month

Projects range from $500/month to $2500/month