Inbound Marketing

Did you know that by the time a B2B buyer contacts you, they’ve already gotten 60% of the way through their decision process? They’re doing research all by themselves. They’re making decisions without your input. How many prospects are eliminating you from the running without ever contacting you? The power of information is now in the hands of the buyer, instead of the seller.

Your prospects are researching and deciding without you.

Lead Nurturing with Customer Journeys

You're not engaging them

They're bored. 59% of executives would rather watch video than read text, yet most B2B companies are still slow to produce consistent video content.

You're not converting them

Your site visitor wants information, and you want to know who he or she is. But your website has no mechanism to offer information of high value (industry report, white paper) or a free tool in exchange for their contact information. If you did, you'd have a lead. Instead, you have a ghost.

You're not nurturing them

Maybe you have converted them into a lead (well done!), but leads don't automatically become customers. They need a path laid out for them one step to the next, culminating in an invitation to connect.

Inbound marketing turns visitors into customers.

Off-site, our main marketing goal will be to get qualified leads on-site. Once there, our goal will be to capture their contact information so we can stay in touch. This is the essence of inbound marketing - capturing leads from your inbound traffic, and nurturing those leads to become customers.

Inbound Marketing Tools and Analytics

Visitor Tracking

As people visit your website, we can track their path through your site and identify their company by their IP address. In addition to the company name and location, you'll get executive names and profiles, phone numbers, and email addresses. As they do things that identify themselves (fill out a form, click through from an email we send them), we can identify the exact individual at that company.

Visitor Identification

To do this, we create special landing pages and lead magnets. A landing page is a bare-bones page designed to get the user to follow one call to action. In many cases, we will want them to fill out a contact form so we can get their name, email address, and sometimes more. In exchange, we offer them a lead magnet - a free report, whitepaper, online tool, audit, audio recording, video.

Lead Nurturing

Once we know the names and email addresses of your site visitors, we can create email marketing campaigns to provide value and engage with them after they've left your site. Email marketing is much more than merely sending an email once a week to buy your product or service. It's a tool to remain relevant to your audience over time - to build trust, to provide value, and then ask for the sale. We'll set up email templates, an emailing schedule, segmented lists for your various target markets and offerings, and campaigns to send to them.

Customer Journeys

Most people think of email marketing as sending a weekly email to their list, and calling it a day. But we implement interactive Customer Journeys that send emails based on rules we set, and actions your audience members take. It's at this point we are really beginning to see the power of personalizing your marketing campaigns by matching content to people's individual interests. Different site visitors will be interested in different things you offer. They want specific solutions to their specific needs. Customer Journeys give them just that.

Useful Analytics

Measuring progress is key to success. Our analytics tells you what each user on your site is doing. You'll see their path through the site, entry and exit points, referring sites, and more. Unlike Google Analytics, which only gives you an aggregate view of your site data, we can provide that plus data for each identified individual visitor.

Perfect Timing

Automated marketing tools are great, but sometimes personal outreach at the perfect moment is what's needed. Our marketing tools give your sales team a birds eye view of your visitors' actions on your website and other touchpoint, alerting you to specific events, so your team will know that right now is the perfect time to email or call them.

How many B2B leads are being generated through your website each week?

How are you engaging and nurturing those leads?

And how many leads are converting into customers because of your marketing efforts?

Download our free, comprehensive guide to generating leads, and nurturing those leads into clients.

Process & Pricing

Our approach to marketing for technical B2B is a long game. There are no shortcuts to establishing expertise or elevating a brand above its competitors. We work on all aspects - your brand image, Video Marketing Library, and inbound marketing - to help you with business growth, lead generation, and improved sales.

We offer 6-month, annual, or multi-year contracts. Depending on the scope of work, and the contract duration, our fees typically range from $2500/month to $12,000/month.

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