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PNT Marketing has the difficult task of compiling and researching customer data for large financial institutions, and making sense of it all. We at Fuelblue had the difficult task of explaining how they do it.

PNT's client base is promarily banks, credit unions, and other financial organizations. These companies all have a trememndous amount of financial and personal data for their customers. They just weren't using it. PNT was having a difficult time expressing the importance of utilizing this data to help attract new prospects, on board new customers, and retain those they already have. Working closely with PNT's management team, Fuelblue created a new brand image, both online and off, as well as marketing tools to express the power and importance of PNT's services.

For example, one initiative was the introduction of their Customer Acquisition and Retention Engine - CARE. This major service offering is the backbone to using existing customer data to acquire and retain new customers, simply by understanding what is already working, and what is not.

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Bobby has always been available to help us brainstorm a solution. I would personally recommend Bobby and Fuelblue unreservedly to anyone looking for a responsive designer and marketing partner.

Tony Coretto, CEO, PNT Marketing Services

PNT's efforts were highly successful. Several years in a row, they won the INC. 5000 top small business award. And in 2015, PNT was successfully acquired as the new marketing arm for Novarica, Inc.

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