Novarica: Going Solo

Novarica logo

Novarica recently separated from their former parent company Novantas, and wanted to establish a new, independent brand image to reflect the change. The result is a sleek brand image that reflects their unique charms, as well as their Boston heritage.

In this case, Fuelblue partnered with Novarica's internal marketing team to create the brand image behind the marketing tools. They already had a suite of tools in-house and in production, but they all lacked a professional look and a coherent theme to bind them all together.

Novarica website

Fuelblue combines clean, effective design with a responsive and practical approach focused on creating usable assets, not just pretty pictures.

Matt Josefowicz, CEO, Novarica

The "assets" we created for them included a new website theme, imagery for social media, and several print marketing tools. By establishing the new brand image first, we were able to ensure that all new pieces fit together, regardless of medium.

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