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IW is an industry icon. If you’re not an engineer working in sat-com or defense or energy, you probably never heard of them. But if you are, then you’ve most likely used their wire & cable or microwave assemblies on numerous occasions.

This company was building a name and reputation as an industry leader before anyone at Fuelblue was born. So when co-owner Arthur Nixon and company president Mike Sarni chose Fuelblue to help them develop a modern brand image for a company that had a half-century history, I really did not want to screw it up.

A brand refresh can be more complicated than building a brand image for a start-up or young company.

IW’s logo, while dated, was highly recognized throughout the industry. After some careful deliberation, we concluded that a completely new logo would only work to confuse people who were already familiar with IW.

So we took the dated looking black and yellow logo, and created a modern updated version. Our goal was to help IW maintain their leadership position, reach their annual growth goals, and show their audience they are modern, timeless and relevant.

IW website

I had been presenting this material to clients the same way for over 30 years. I couldn't imagine there was a new and better way to express who IW is, and what we do. You did a tremendous job elevating our brand image, and staying true to our roots.

Arthur Nixon, CEO, IW

Their biggest concern was all the marketing copy they had. Arthur told us he’d been writing the same copy for ads and brochures for nearly 30 years. He needed a new way to get their message across. We took their tired copy and completely rewrote it, creating the new voice of IW.

We applied the updated corporate identity and corporate voice to a slew of new marketing and branding tools including:

A web site

Detailed product catalogs for both their Log Spec products and the microwave assembly products

Print ads for trade journals and industry magazines

And a new trade show exhibit

The result has been exactly what IW was looking for in the first place: a brand image that has set them up to propel their 20th century reputation into the 21st; a suite of marketing tools that keeps them connected to the engineers and industry execs that have known them for decades; and a modern look and message that makes them relevant to the new generation of engineers entering the industry now, and tomorrow.

IW Brochure
IW Brochure

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