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Most drug testing facilities are looked down upon by the very physicians and medical centers that rely on them. They tend to think of themselves and their own needs first, and the needs of their customers second, if at all. 

But Jibreel Sarij, CEO of Acutis Diagnostics wanted to create a testing facility that challenged the status quo, brought trustworthiness back into his industry, and put the needs of his clients and community first. Acutis Diagnostics not only provides an essential service to physicians, but does so in a way designed to make the doctors' jobs, and patients' lives, a little easier.

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Not only have the team at Fuelblue helped me to create an unbelievable brand image for myself and my company, but they have put Acutis in the spotlight of this industry. With their design help, we have completely changed the way drug testing data is presented, putting the needs of the physician first. This is a game changer for our industry, and has helped make Acutis an invaluable partner to our clients.

Jibreel Sarij, CEO, Acutis Diagnostics

The brand image and marketing tools we developed for Acutis reinforce the air of ethics and transparency Jibreel has been striving to bring back into his industry. We created a website to showcase the firm's core strengths and abilities. And we also created a desk reference physicians can keep handy.

One of the biggest hurdles we faced was presenting drug testing data in a way that was actually useful to the physicians. The industry standard was to present data from the point of view of the testing facility. Drug tests do not actually test for "drugs" in the patient's system, but rather metabolytes that the drugs break down into. Many drugs can break down into the same metabolyte. Most testing facilities merely inform physicians of the metabolytes they test for and find, leaving it up to the doctor to figure out which drug(s) their patients took.

But we turned the table on this tactic, literally.

We developed a new way of presenting data to emphasize what mattered most to the physicians: which drugs are their patients taking?

This simple change in perspective has helped Acutis gain the trust and business of many new clients. Simply by providing greater value, and figuring out a way to present needed data more clearly, Acutis has established itself as an invaluable partner.

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