My Clients - Fueled Brands

Technical B2B companies face some unique challenges, and I've been working with several businesses in the fields of engineering & architecture, military & aerospace, sales & finance, technology & computers, and healthcare to solve them. Here are a few of my clients.

Jeff Barker Productions website

Jeff Barker's entire business relies on always being on the leading edge - technology, production, ideas, and talent. Everything about this company is sleek, modern, and high energy.

Acutis website

Most drug testing facilities are looked down upon by the very physicians and medical centers that rely on them. They tend to think of themselves and their own needs first, and the needs of their customers second, if at all. 

IW website

IW is an industry icon. If you’re not an engineer working in sat-com or defense or energy, you probably never heard of them. But if you are, then you’ve most likely used their wire & cable or microwave assemblies on numerous occasions.

AAG website

The time had come for Advanced Arch Grilles to revolutionize the way architects and engineers spec and buy grilles for their project.

Novarica website

Novarica recently separated from their former parent company Novantas, and wanted to establish a new, independent brand image to reflect the change. The result is a sleek brand image that reflects their unique charms, as well as their Boston heritage.

LON website

LON Cosmetics established itself as a leader in professional skin care products and cosmetics in the 80s and 90s with a unique line of products formulated with minerals found on in the Dead Sea. Today, the company is undergoing a sort of renaissance, and has added several new lines of professional skin care products to their roster.

Davena website

I've been working closely with Davena CEO, Dave Ramroop for over a decade to establish his company as a national leader in providing new and refurbished office furniture to businesses.

Tech Partner website

Mike Fink had been working with high end technology for audio, video, security and telecom for several years. This is a classic example of an entrepreneur with excellent credentials and expertise not making much headway in business simply because they’re not getting noticed.

PNT website

PNT Marketing has the difficult task of compiling and researching customer data for large financial institutions, and making sense of it all. We at Fuelblue had the difficult task of explaining how they do it.

Dealbuilders website

Pete Ekstrom, CEO of Dealbuilders, has been my client for about 15 years - nearly since the very beginning of Fuelblue. In that time, both he and I have re-imagined and re-invented our companies a couple times over.