What Are We Waiting For?

When I started my business, the sky was the limit. But the more I did things a certain way, the more that simply became the way I did things. How much of how I do things today is because it’s really how I want to do them?

I am not what you might consider a “normal” person. After getting a degree in graphic design, normal people would get a job at a design firm, and work their way up the corporate ladder.

Normal people wouldn’t give up such a job in order to start their own design company. Normal people wouldn’t create a unique career making music, kids cartoons and other tv shows, and killer brand images for awesome clients.

Security vs. Freedom

When I was young, I was always a great student. School came pretty easily to me, and I had very little difficulty getting good grades.

I was led to believe that my academic achievements would directly lead to equally satisfying achievements in my future career. I was taught that academic achievement guaranteed future financial security. It was a rude awakening when I found out the real world doesn’t actually work that way.

The security of whatever job I had came at the cost of my freedom. I always had ideas that my bosses were not all that interested in implementing. Plus, my security was dependent on me doing things how they wanted, and only for as long as they felt I remained valuable to them. I had no control over my career, and no freedom to do the work I really wanted to do.

I was lucky enough to figure out quickly that if I wanted to have the kind of career I dreamed about, I was going to have to create it for myself.

When I started my business, the sky was the limit. Everything was a possibility. It was obvious to me early in my career that my freedom and my future depended on me doing things my way. But like any other, my own business was not immune to the laws of inertia. The more I did things a certain way, the more that simply became the way I did things.

That’s why I’ve been thinking about security and freedom again lately.

What I Want vs. What's Comfortable

Even with all I do already that flies in the face of what is normal, there is much I’ve always planned for myself that I haven’t been doing.

I have expansion plans for Fuelblue that I was hesitant to act on. I have had ideas for Planet Bonehead that I was nervous to implement. And I’ve had other business ideas that it just never seemed like I had the time for. And I’m sure if you’re watching this far, you are already thinking of the things in your own life or business you’ve been back burnering.

“I’ll do that later when I have more time.”

“We’ll start working on that once things settle down with this current crisis.”

“We can’t do something like that! What will the “So and so’s” and “What’s their faces” think?"

Sound familiar?

What the heck are we doing???

What are we waiting for?

We will never have “plenty of time”, and today’s fire to put out will usually have another right on its heels.