Think Big Part 2 - How the Heck Do You Do It?

Big thinking is what creates greatness. It creates wealth and success. It creates art, and music, and great structures. It creates businesses, and cities; countries and empires. It creates inspiration, wonder, and awe. But how the heck do you do it?

It’s so easy to get distracted by the small things because they’re loud, and right in your face. Daily emergencies, and even just the mundane stuff you have to do everyday, can all seem much more important than they really are, in the moment.

By contrast, the larger vision you have for your business remains quiet, and patient. It sits in the background, not making waves, and certainly not jumping around like some great big catastrophe might.

But the daily stuff comes and goes.

It’s fleeting. Sure, it’s always replaced by more daily stuff. Emergencies, and fires to put out, always attract more emergencies, and more fires to put out. And if you’re not careful, not deliberate - not awake - you might end up wasting weeks, months, years, or decades constantly working on the small stuff.

Wondering why your business never achieved the lofty goals of your vision.

Visions need to be tended to.

Dreams need nurturing. You do that by stepping outside of the day to day stuff, finding some time - everyday if possible - to get quiet with yourself.Personally, I do a bunch of different things, depending on whatever mood I’m in.

They all work, but they don’t all ALWAYS work. So in no particular order, I personally might meditate for 15 minutes.

That’s all is takes. Just 15 minutes to literally stop thinking about all the daily garbage you have going on.

That’s what quiet the mind means - stop thinking about that thing.

I like a guided meditation because it gives me something to listen to, and therefore, something different to think about.

But sometimes, I can’t. My mind is racing and I just can’t stop thinking.

So, a change of scenery might help.

Go for a walk, or go out to lunch.

Have a conversation with somebody completely removed from what you’re thinking about.

Sometimes I like to write.

I have a journal on my desk where I can write. Just write.

Sometimes by writing, you have to slow down the thought process because you can’t write as quickly as you can think.

So writing allows you to stop spinning so fast.

Whatever you do, the goal is to interrupt the pattern of all the day to day small stuff.

Even just for a little while, but everyday.

And if you do something everyday to break that pattern, you will automatically get back aligned with your big vision.

That big thinking that creates wealth and success. Wonder, and awe.