Super Human Power of Entrepreneurs

Power is energy in motion, or energy in focus. How you choose to focus your energy right NOW determines if you will use your power to close your "Gap" -- the distance between where you are & where you want to be -- or widen it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about power...

What it is, and how to use it. As entrepreneurs, we understand that we have this infinite supply of energy. We are flooded with a never ending supply of new ideas, new opportunities, and new paths we can explore.

Energy without a focus, without a clear objective and purpose, is really just doing a lot of busy work - and getting nowhere fast. It’s the reason many entrepreneurs feel like they’re spinning their wheels but never gaining forward momentum.

Nobody WORKS harder than we do.

But work for the sake of hard work is exhausting. And it’s the reason we feel like we have no energy, and no power to effect the changes we want to make in our lives and businesses. I think it’s time we changed all that and took our power back.

I believe we all have infinite energy flowing through us. Every moment of everyday. The energy of the entire Universe is in every cell of your body. In fact, your body is a perfect mirror of the entire Universe itself. Every cell a galaxy, every atom a solar system. The eternal energy of the Universe is coursing through every piece of you right now.

We also have infinite time.

We sense time as a limited resource - we’re born, and we die. And in between we try to get stuff done. Try to accomplish things, and check them off our to do lists.

But finite time is a construct we created to limit ourselves. Time by the clock limits your imagination, hinders your ability to dream. Instead of wondering at the Universe in awe, you worry you’re running out of time.

But as I said, time is actually infinite. It is always Right Now. Every moment is NOW. Everything that happens, everything we think about, everything we plan, achieve, or fail - it all happens NOW.

Time is not merely hands or numbers on a clock, but rather an infinite array woven into the fabric of the Universe itself. It is the playground in which we live, and dream, and work. And when we realize our place in this infinity of energy and time, then we have no choice but to realize we have infinite power.

In physics, power is defined as energy over time. Power is energy in motion, or energy in focus. How you choose to focus your energy right NOW determines if you will use your power to close your Gap, or widen it.

We all have this thing I call The Gap…

It’s the seemingly uncrossable distance between where you are now, and where you want to be. The chasm that lies between the vision you have for your business, and the reality that it is in the moment.

Worry uses your power to widen the Gap. Trust closes it.

Fear widens the Gap. Optimism closes it.

Being hard on yourself or criticizing others widens the Gap. Appreciation for right now closes it.

Your energy is infinite. Your time is infinite. You have a choice in every now to focus your energy on widening the Gap, or closing it.

We all have infinite Power.

The question is, how will you wield yours now?