Marketing Strategy vs. Lead Generation Tactics

To the CEO, marketing is the engine that spreads the brand image & the brand culture to new people, and keeps the connection with those already in your circle fresh, and relevant.

But to the entrepreneur with a tactics mentality, marketing becomes little more than a job trying desperately to get more leads.

When your focus is simply to acquire more leads, so you can get more customers, so you can make more money… then you’re positioning yourself on a never-ending treadmill. You chase every new shiny opportunity you can find, simply because that’s what everyone’s doing these days.

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The marketing job mentality is looking for short term gain: a new lead, a new customer. Leads and customers are important, of course. But they are the natural by-product of a long term CEO strategy.

The person with a job wants to get a paycheck this week. They primarily work “in” their business, getting new leads, and then new customers, and then doing the work to service those customers.

But the CEO is focused far beyond that. As a CEO, you primarily work “on” your business. Your marketing efforts have meaning, and a clarity of purpose for the overall brand. You choose tactics on purpose, because they reflect your strengths, and communicate with your audience.

Yes you want to make money this week, but you are equally concerned with the long term health of the business - its growth, its scaleability, and its “sell-ability”.