Don't Compare Your Journey to Other's Moments of Success

It's easy for an entrepreneur to lose motivation when you compare your ups and downs to the tiny snapshot of success you see in others around you. 

Recently, I was having a conversation with my wife about how it can be disheartening to compare yourself to what you see other people doing.

Specifically, we were talking about the progress we've both been making with our health and fitness, you know, working out and sticking to our nutrition habits.

But I realized the same principles applied to experts we see and follow in business as well.

When you look at someone who's an "expert" in some field, it's easy to believe they are perfect at it, and never waver or stumble in their efforts.

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Meanwhile, real people stick to things pretty well for a few days and then get sidetracked.

It's easy to be hard on yourself when you compare all of your life's ups and downs to the tiny snapshot of success you see in others around you.

You look on Facebook and think everyone is having amazing dinner parties and spectacular social lives, while you're in your pajamas looking at Facebook. And on LinkedIn, everyone's business is booming with new avenues of opportunity while yours is struggling to make it through the week.

I usually only post things that I celebrate: a new project completed; a new video; an interview; basically anything and everything that happens that looks really cool.


But if you judged my whole life based solely on these highlights, you'd begin to think I was a perfect person who never made mistakes, never failed at anything, and never spent a dull moment alone in my office working late into the night while everyone he knows with half an ounce of sanity was sleeping.

For every amazing moment you see posted by me or anyone who ever accomplished anything, there are countless unseen hours learning, trying, failing, working, experimenting, evaluating, blundering, fixing, reworking, tweaking, studying, sweating, and failing some more.

Until all of a sudden, we're an overnight success.