Can We Create Our Own Entrepreneur Success Story?

Some entrepreneurs succeed at whatever they put their mind to, because they put their mind to it. Their business mindset is a singular focus and their "entrepreneur success story" is a deep-seated belief.

Do we control our own destiny? Or are we at the mercy of circumstance? Some people seem to succeed at whatever they put their mind to, while others flounder helplessly in the same situation over and over again.

What determines our level of success in business, or life for that matter?

We like to use words like fate and destiny to describe wonderful successes in our lives. And we also use expressions like “it just wasn’t in the cards” or “it was just bad luck” when things don’t go our way.

Ideas like fate and luck strip us of our power to create success in our lives. They indicate a belief that our fate is pre-determined, and it doesn’t really matter what we do - the outcome has been set according to someone else’s agenda.

But what if destiny as a concept could be used to our advantage?

Who said that your own destiny had to be pre-written by anyone other than you?

What if the concept of destiny meant that you got to determine the course of your life, and had the ability to attract all the resources necessary to make that vision a reality?

What if luck were not some random grace that befell some and abandoned others, but instead luck was a sense of preparedness when opportunity came knocking.

In other words, destiny and luck could be outside forces that controlled us, or they could simply be ideas we created to romanticize our lives.

Massive and sudden successes and failures due to destiny and luck make for much better movies than something like…

“I had a vision for my business. I worked on it everyday, and watched as it slowly and incrementally grew from an idea to a successful company.”

Movies like that would suck.

And while we may think we would prefer a life or business that exploded with instantaneous success and growth, we are rarely ready for everything all at once.

In real life, one step leads to new ideas and new circumstances, and we get to choose the next step for ourselves.

If we stay focused on the vision, the steps lead toward the vision. If we stay focused on circumstance, the steps wander around aimlessly in the circumstances.

Some people succeed at whatever they put their mind to, because they put their mind to it.

It becomes a singular focus and their future success at it becomes a deep-seated belief.

Those who are floundering around them are typically too focused on all the external circumstances that are holding them back.

Successful people are mired in circumstances too. They simply do not allow themselves to use circumstances as an excuse to stop trying.