Be You Part 2 - 4 Tactics for Entrepreneurs

If you want people to love you, if you want an audience of raving fans who buy from you, and tell others about you, then you need to BE YOU, and make it crystal clear who you are, and what you’re about. Here are four ways every entrepreneur can do just that.

1. Create a customer avatar.

Who are the people you really want to work with? That you really want in your life and your business?

Trying to make your business as broad as possible to attract the widest audience possible is a huge mistake. Narrow the focus… a lot.

Write down as much specific information about your best audience as possible. The real you, the authentic YOU, has a gift that this world desperately wants. But not everybody wants it. Only some people want it.

Who are they? Specifically. Think about that, and write it down.

2. Be active in the places they’re active.

You have a Facebook page? Now join a couple of groups - or start one your own - and begin having conversations with these people.

If your business is local, go out and meet people in person.

Attend events where your people are.

The people who will be your biggest fans are out there waiting for you. Put yourself in front of them any and every way you can.

3. Speak their language.

In anything you write, any video you make, or any speech you make - anything where words are coming out of your mouth - always speak directly to your biggest fans.

Speak the lingo. Put yourself on the leading edge. Don’t water down your message so outsiders will understand you better. They don’t care. They’re not interested in you. They’re not buying anything. And they certainly won’t thank you for speaking generically.

But your fans will recognize your message and will rally behind you.

4. Look the part.

Your brand image, and your personal image need to be in sync with your audience. Again, don’t even think about making any part of your image more “typical” so you will appeal to a wider audience. You know what a wider audience means?

It means more people but fewer fans.

It means more prospects but fewer customers.

It means more work but less satisfaction.

It means people will like you, but very few will love you.

The typical entrepreneur sees a market and tries to sell them something. But an authentic entrepreneur sees his own personal gift, his uniqueness, and creates a culture around it. Which is why there’s a fifth bonus tactic.

5. Be your brand’s biggest fan.

That avatar I mentioned a minute ago - hello, that’s you.

You have to love what you’re doing.

You have to love what you’re about.

You have to love the culture you're creating.

You have to love you.

In order for anyone to engage with your brand, you need to be hyper-engaged.

You need to eat, sleep, and breathe it.

Nobody will ever care more about your brand or your business than you.

So it’s got to be in you. You can’t fake this.

Be. You.