Be You Part 1 - The Entrepreneur Mindset of Uniqueness

You only want to fill your life with things you love. So make your brand something that the right people can LOVE! Let your inner rock star come out. Let the people that don’t matter go. The ones who are left will be your people, and they will love you.

We humans do an interesting thing…

We assimilate. We try to blend in. We try to be “one of the gang”. Fit into the crowd, so to speak.

We feel intense pressure to do this from a very early age. Anything that isn’t considered mainstream, or hip, or cool is ridiculed. Anything that isn’t socially acceptable is condemned.

There’s a clear line drawn between what’s OK, and what’s not. And we all feel compelled to hide whatever parts of ourselves might be found on the “Not OK” side.

Entrepreneurs can be the worst.

It’s bad enough you’re bucking the system by not getting a job with benefits and security. The least you can do is create a business that falls squarely on the socially acceptable, “OK” side of the line.

Entrepreneurs feel extreme pressure to create a business that “fits in”. One that might cater to the largest possible audience, so as not to miss any potential customers.

There’s a strong need to broadly identify your industry so that others can easily understand it.

There’s a ridiculously strong desire to be sensible, and responsible.