3 Essential Marketing Tactics for Technical B2B

Technical B2B companies have the double need to nurture leads from discovery to sales AND educate them about the technical details of your offering. Your prospects are looking for specific solutions to their specific problems. Here are 3 ways your company can begin marketing more effectively.

Technical B2B companies have a unique issue of having a product or service that requires a certain level of knowledge and competence in order for their customers to make decisions and purchases. What you do is full of intricate details, and there is no “one size fits all” solution.

Your prospects need to understand what it is you do, and how to properly incorporate your offering into their world. If they don’t, they’re likely to make mistakes when placing orders, or make incorrect assumptions about expected outcomes.

At the same time, B2B buyers are doing a great deal of their research online, alone, making decisions without ever giving you a clue they exist. They suddenly become "experts" in your field, and make decisions without any consultation from you.

Here are 3 things we’re doing at Fuelblue to resolve these 2 big problems.

Marketing Engine - Technical B2B Marketing Guide

1. Visitor education is top priority.

Remember, your prospects are doing most of their research on their own. If your website has all the same typical information as your competitors, then the prospect has little to go on besides a gut feeling and price.

But if your site is full of valuable information like common use cases, common mistakes to avoid, or free resources to teach them how to use your product or service, then they will see your company as a highly valuable resource, and will be more likely to engage with you.

2. Give them clear reasons and ways to engage with you.

Most companies do little more than add a simple form to “get more information” or “subscribe to our newsletter”. This is useless.

B2B buyers are looking for solutions to their real problems. You need to create something of value that your visitors will gladly trade their email address for.

These can include free tools to help them do their job more easily, a free trial period, or a detailed white paper or industry report. Whatever it is, it needs to provide a high level of value in order to engage the casual visitor.

3. Nurture your leads correctly.

Most companies add their leads to a general list and send out email blasts on a given interval.

Remember, your prospects are looking for specific solutions to their specific problems. You may provide solutions for various issues, or may take a different approach depending on different variables. We need to do the same with the marketing tools we implement.

A powerful tactic is to create many email campaigns, and initiate the proper campaign for each individual prospect depending on their needs and interests.

By tracking the pages they visit, and understanding their needs based on the free resources they engaged with, we can get a clear picture of the issues important to each individual lead, and we can send them information appropriate to their needs and interests.

General information no longer makes the cut.

We need specific information to educate, and targeted tools and resources to engage. This is what marketing looks like for technical B2B companies. Like your offerings, it is layered and complex.

That’s why I’m offering a free 30 minute consultation to see if these tactics make sense for you, and if Fuelblue is a good fit as your marketing agency.