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I am currently developing an online course to teach you how to make and use video to establish your expertise, attract your audience, boost your confidence on camera, and make more sales. The course is currently closed while in development with Beta Users. It will re-open again in the Fall of 2017.

What Will This Course Do For You?

I'm putting everything I know about video marketing and branding into this, blending some mindset and strategy with a great deal of actionable tactics for any skill level:


1. Get More Clients and Make More Sales

Everything about this course is designed to help you use video and social platforms to establish yourself as an expert, attract an audience, and convert your fans into paying customers and clients. You will learn the exact strategies and techniques to attract the right people to you and turn them into clients without needing to be a technical genius or spend multiple hours on video editing.


2. Boost Your Confidence

As the entrepreneur behind your business, you are the face of your brand. It's important for you to be present in your videos, but that's hard to do if you lack the confidence to be on camera. If you stumble with words, or can't think of what to do or say to engage with your audience, this course will help you gain the confidence you need.

3. Establish Your Expertise

The most valuable oart of this course is my proven strategy to create a "library of content" to have prospects come to you. It's possible to create videos that do most of the heavy lifting so that by the time a prospect gets on a call or meeting with you, they've already decided they want you. This course will lay it out for you, step by step.

4. Save You Time

We need to be present on various social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. In this course, you will learn the proper strategies and tactics to re-purpose your content for maximum impact on each platform, in the minimum time.


5. Attract Your Audience

Your prospects need only 2 seconds to decide if they will watch your videos or pass. You will learn how to project your brand through video and graphics so as to more readily capture your people's attention, and get them to watch your videos and see how awesome you are.

6. Overcome Technical Woes

Video requires more technical agility than other mediums. But it need not be a barrier to making good content. You will learn the basics (and then some) of lighting, sound, filming, and editing to make videos that stand out from the mediocre crowd.

7. Be a Live Sensation

Live video is a game changer, and if you can create a captivating presence on lives, you will be several steps ahead of most entrepreneurs. You will learn how to make live videos that are fun and engaging - events your audience looks forward to.


What Will I Learn in This Course?

Video on Your iPhone

Confidence & Mindset

Video requires a great deal of preparation and planning, before you ever film anything. First, you will learn how to choose a style and format for your videos; research and choose topics; write and prepare scripts and use a teleprompter; and most importantly, you will learn how to overcome any fears or insecurities you may have about being in front of the camera.

Gear & Equipment

It can be overwhelming to think about all the possible gear and equipment needed to create videos. Cameras, lighting, microphones, computers, accessories, lenses, and more could add up to tens of thousands of dollars for a professional videographer. But for most of you, the most important piece of equipment is already in your pocket: your phone. In this stage, you will learn how to begin creating video with the stuff you already have, plus we'll explore more professional options as well.


Camera moves, footage, angles, framing, lighting, sound, setting, and more will be covered in depth. From a simple one-take Facebook Live video on your iPhone, to a vlog in multiple locations, we'll cover how to get everything right in filming, so you have all the pieces for a great video.


Production & Basic Editing

Production is where a video goes from clips on your camera to a polished, entertaining, valuable video. We will cover production workflow and basic editing techniques that you can use to make any video better. It can be as simple as trimming a video clip to delete unneeded parts, or as complex as piecing clips together and adding music and sound effects. Thid will cover all skill levels, and help you improve your videos so they stand out among the crowd.

Publishing, Platforms & Repurposing

Next, you'll learn how to publish your video on YouTube, Facebook, and various Stories platforms (Instagram, Facebook Stories, etc.). There are several variables for each platform, and I'll provide a comprehensive checklist so every video will be complete on each platform. And we'll learn how to repurpose content so that one video can become 5 or 10 across all platforms.

Share & Get Views

Finally, it's time for people to see your video. You'll learn how best to share your video across platforms, and on your website or blog. We'll also discuss different strategies for video, as each entrepreneur will have different goals and require different calls to action. You'll learn how to move your audience to the next step once they've seen your video.

Phone Videos

iPhone and Android phones have awesome cameras. But everyone is making videos with the same level of production value and quality. With some simple (and some advanced) filming and editing tools and techniques, you can imporve your phone videos greatly, and stand out over the crowd.

Live Videos

Live videos are becoming more and more popular. People love to watch them, and platforms like Facebook are boosting them. It takes confidence to press the "Go Live" button. And with a little effort and preparation, you can make your lives far better than most people's.

Advanced Filming & Editing

Some of my students are eager to make more polished and produced videos. We'll also be covering advanced filming and editing techniques such as interesting B-roll, better transitions, color grading, and more.


This course will continually evolve.

My idea behind this course is to teach entrepreneurs the proper mindset and strategy behind branding and marketing their business, as well as the specific tactic of using video to do that. But as technology, social platforms, and societal likes and dislikes change, so too will the required tactics. So if some new video tool or platform comes out, I will add it to the course. If new techniques or video types become popular, then you can expect me to tell you so right here. And if the day comes that video becomes obsolete and replaced by something we can't even imagine yet, then this course will evolve too.

The course is currently closed but will re-open Fall 2017.

Some Words From My Clients

Thanks to Bobby’s input and creativity, I have successfully marketed my brand to some of the best known companies in the world. The results I have achieved with Bobby have far exceeded my expectations.

Pete Ekstrom, Dealbuilders

Wow Bobby! We are so pleased and excited about what we've achieved with you. Our brand looks incredibly professional and up there with the very biggest companies, which is exactly what we wanted. I can't thank you enough.

Dan Bryle, LON Cosmetics

Bobby helped me design and think through my brand and marketing strategy. My new engineering firm was just starting-up at the time, so I needed help with everything, but Bobby made the process quite simple. Than you Bobby!

Rich Realmuto, Scios Consulting

Bobby has helped me overcome so many obstacles in my business. He has helped me get clear on my vision, and has made my brand look amazing too.

Jibreel Sarij, Acutis Diagnostics

Bobby's unique ability to strategize, to listen, to help me find solutions, and to hold me accountable have been a great value to me. Because of him I was able to successfully launch my consulting firm.

Russ Borgman, Agile Platform Advisors

Thank you Bobby for your work with my brand image and website. I wanted to express how my business was global in scope and expertise, but boutique in our service and attention to detail - and you did exactly that. Great job!

Jeff Barker, Jeff Barker Productions

I had a vision for myself and my technology firm. I was searching for someone to turn that vision into a reality. I found Bobby, and thanks to him, that happened.

Mike Fink, Tech Partner

Bobby has always been available to help us brainstorm a solution. I would personally recommend Bobby and Fuelblue unreservedly to anyone looking for a responsive brand and marketing partner.

Adam Isler, PNT Marketing

I would highly recommend Fuelblue. From my point of view, Bobby’s ability to quickly and intuitively comprehend what a business owner like myself desires is priceless.

Dave Ramroop, Davena Services


When you purchase this course you will also get my "Be a Rock Star" branding course, plus a free 30-minute coaching session, one on one, with me.


Be a Rock Star Branding Course

The branding course will teach you how to define your brand vision, mission, and personal brand, as well as how to project it out to the world and attract all the right people into your business. Your brand is what people think of you. But as the entrepreneur behind your brand, you are the only one who sees the vision of what your business can and will be. You also have the ability to project that vision so that others see it, and feel it too. When you learn to do this, all the right people will begin gathering around you to become your audience of fans, partners and employees, and especially clients and customers.


30-Minute Coaching Call

Each member gets a free 30-minute 1:1 phone call with Bobby. This coaching session can be used to discuss any aspect of your business that you need the most help with - confidence, mindset, video equipment, audience attraction. You name the topic, and we can discuss it.

Secret Facebook Group

Your membership includes lifetime access to The Crew - Exclusive VFB Course Group. We use this group to answer questions from the course, view live technical tutorials, network with fellow course members, and...

Weekly Group Coaching Call

Every week, I host a coaching call in the secret course group for all members. We review course material, and discuss strategies and tactics specific to members in the "hot seat".


Join the Fuelcrew.

Video is the top content medium today, and is required for any business owner who wishes to reach their audience through online and social platforms. When you join the Video for Business Course, you get all the following:

Access to Video for Business Course* - Videos, PDFs, Checklists ($4000 value)

Access to Be a Rock star Bonus Branding Course - Videos, PDFs Checklists ($2000 value)

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30-Minute One on One Coaching Call with Bobby ($500 value)

Total Value: $11,500

*The course is currently closed but will re-open Fall 2017.