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I am currently developing an online course to teach you how to use video in your business to brand yourself, market your business, and make sales. While it's in development, I am pre-selling lifetime access for only $47. As I complete and release each new stage, the price of entry will increase (probably by a lot).


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What Will I Learn in This Course?

I'm putting everything I know about video marketing and branding into this. There will be 6 Stages to the course, blending some mindset and strategy with a great deal of actionable tactics for any skill level:

Video on Your iPhone

1. Think

Video requires a great deal of preparation and planning, before you ever film anything. In this first stage, you will learn how to choose a style and format for your videos; research and choose topics; write and prepare scripts and use a teleprompter; and most importantly, you will learn how to overcome any fears or insecurities you may have about being in front of the camera.

2. Gear

It can be overwhelming to think about all the possible gear and equipment needed to create videos. Cameras, lighting, microphones, computers, accessories, lenses, and more could add up to tens of thousands of dollars for a professional videographer. But for most of you, the most important piece of equipment is already in your pocket: your phone. In this stage, you will learn how to begin creating video with the stuff you already have, plus we'll explore more professional options as well.

3. Film

In Stage 3, you will learn how to film your videos. Camera moves, footage, angles, framing, lighting, sound, setting, and more will be covered in depth. From a simple one-take Facebook Live video on your iPhone, to a vlog in multiple locations, we'll cover how to get everything right in filming, so you have all the pieces for a great video.


4. Produce

Production is where a video goes from clips on your camera, into a polished, entertaining, valuable video. In this Stage, we will cover basic editing techniques that you can use to make any video better. It can be as simple as trimming a video clip to delete unneeded parts, or as complex as piecing clips together and adding music and sound effects. After this Stage, you'll have a finished video.

5. Publish

In Stage 5, you'll learn how to publish your video on YouTube, Facebook, and various Stories platforms (Instagram, Facebook Stories, etc.). There are several variables for each platform, and I'll provide a comprehensive checklist so every video will be complete on each platform.

6. Share

In Stage 6, it's time for people to see your video. You'll learn how best to share your video across platforms, and on your website or blog. We'll also discuss different strategies for video, as each entrepreneur will have different goals and require different calls to action. You'll learn how to move your audience to the next step once they've seen your video.



This course will continually evolve.

My idea behind this course is to teach entrepreneurs the proper mindset and strategy behind branding and marketing their business, as well as the specific tactic of using video to do that. But as technology, social platforms, and societal likes and dislikes change, so too will the required tactics. So if some new video tool or platform comes out, I will add it to the course. If new techniques or video types become popular, then you can expect me to telling you so right here. And if the day comes that video becomes obsolete and replaced by something we can't even imagine yet, then this course will evolve too.

If you get in now, you will have access for life. For $47.

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Pre-Sale Ends June 1, 2017.

On June 1, 2017, the first lessons in this course will go live, the pre-sale will end, and the price will go up. As initial development continues, I will be adding new stages, lessons, and updates about every other week or so. And each time I do, the price will increase. Pretty soon, I will be selling this course for several hundred dollars. Right now you can gain lifetime access for only $47.


Not Sure? Watch My Videos.

Maybe you just got here, and don't know me very well yet. I understand not wanting to waste money on a course, especially one that doesn't even exist yet. But I can do this because I've been working for years to create a library of video content to back up my claims. (By the way, how to do that will be in this course). So please go watch some of my videos. Watch my vlog. See what I'm all about. If my message and style resonate with you, then come back here and get into this course now.


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