Technical B2B Branding, Logo & Web Design

Your B2B company probably looks like all the other companies in your industry. You all present your technical information the same way. You showcase your products and services the same way. You use the same words and images to create your corporate identity. Your websites have the same info and features. The result is a homogenous looking industry. So your prospects make decisions based on price.

Your prospects don't see much difference between you and your competitors.

When everyone in an industry looks and acts the same way, your prospects believe your offerings and expertise are also all the same. From their perspective, there’s no benefit to choosing you over one of your competitors. So the only differentiator they have at their disposal is price.

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Price is important, but…

When a B2B buyer is researching a purchase, they want to solve a specific problem, or address a specific issue. A solution to their immediate needs is their top priority. In most cases, they will be looking for guidance, support, and expertise. Not just the cheapest supplier.

Prospects are ignorant

You know you can do what they need, but they don’t. You know your offering is the best, but they don't. Your brand image is telling them you’re the same as every other company in your industry. Your website is telling them your offering is virtually interchangeable with anyone else’s.

You are a clone of your competitors

Imagine switching your logo, website, or video content with those of your competitors.  We bet most prospects wouldn’t notice. Your web and video content is your chance to express the core of your brand message. It shows them that you have the best answer, and are the only choice. Or it can tell them you have the same bland answer as everyone else, and it doesn’t matter who they choose.



Branding determines how people respond to you.

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Logo Design

Your logo is the graphical representative of your entire brand. If you want to create the illusion that your business is bigger than it really is, or set yourself apart from your competitors in a crowded field, it all starts with your logo. Everything else we design stems from the design decisions made in the logo. A professional website built around an amateur logo is starting with a major handicap. But a professional logo (plus associated colors, fonts, and imagery) sets the stage for making you look every bit the expert you are.

Corporate Identity Design

B2B leads may find you through any number of contact points (website, trade show, social media, networking event). However someone finds you, we must ensure the brand experience is the same at every touchpoint, so your business card fits with your website, which matches your business collateral, which compliments your Viseo Media Library.

Website Design

A modern, mobile website that establishes you as the industry leader is a minimum requirement for technical b2b companies. Every website we create includes every feature or function you need to achieve your goals. Mobile-readiness, modern code, scaleability, customizable SEO tools, and custom design are all standard here.



How many B2B leads are being generated through your website each week?

How are you engaging and nurturing those leads?

And how many leads are converting into customers because of your marketing efforts?

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Process & Pricing

Our approach to marketing for technical B2B is a long game. There are no shortcuts to establishing expertise or elevating a brand above its competitors. We work on all aspects - your brand image, Video Marketing Library, and inbound marketing - to help you with business growth, lead generation, and improved sales.

We offer 6-month, annual, or multi-year contracts. Depending on the scope of work, and the contract duration, our fees typically range from $2500/month to $12,000/month.

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