About Fuelblue & Bobby Donohue

Technical B2B Is Unique

Aside from needing to let your prospects know you exist, and what you can do for them, you have the added issue of making sure they understand it correctly. At best, it's over their heads and you need to educate them. At worst, they think they already know it all, and you need to help them unlearn their incorrect assumptions.


Fuelblue is Not Just About Video

As a digital marketing agency specifically for technical B2B companies, we focus on branding to help set you apart from your industry peers, video marketing to help educate your audience, and inbound marketing to drive traffic and generate leads.

It's about educating CEOs and CMOs on how to build a brand, how to build an audience, how to create a strategy for their marketing efforts, and how to use the right tools to spread their message. It just so happens that right now, video is by far the most powerful medium for branding and marketing.

Without a mindset for success, a vision for the future, and the knowledge to properly make and use video, they can be pretty ineffective. A video is a waste of cyberspace when the brand or vision behind it is incoherent, or unfocused.

Fuelblue is a Vision Projector

Our job is not to design your logo or website, or simply make you some videos. Our job is to tap into that vision you have of your business and help you draw it out into reality. Our job is to help you see with your eyes what you’ve only seen in your mind. Our job is to create and use the marketing tools that will allow everyone else - your customers, prospects, vendors, employees - to see it too.

Because when you are projecting that vision outward, everything changes. You are no longer one more company in an industry of sameness. You establish yourself as an industry leader. The conversations become more about quality and value, and less about price. And you customers begin to see you as a trusted ally, rather than a necessary adversary.

Why Technical B2B?

I studied engineering before switching to art and graphic design. I am most comfortable when working out how to take complex data and industry jargon, and turn it into a marketing piece that speaks to your audience. We want them to understand it without talking down, so they still feel we are speaking on a lvel above the average lay person. I have a gift for seeing the vision a company CEO can describe for me, and to create visual and audible tools so that other people can see it - and feel it - as well. I can do this for companies in any industry, and I have. But I have an affinity for technical B2B companies, particularly those in these fields:

Engineering & Architecture
Military & Aerospace
Computers & Technology
Sales & Finance
Health & Medical


About Bobby Donohue

Once upon a time, two young kids got married and had the crazy idea to both quit Corporate America, start a web design business, work from home so we can raise our kids together, and design our lives on purpose.

We’ve never shied away from a crazy idea, because the only thing that really matters in this life is being happy. So much of what we do has evolved. And today, I pursue many different outlets for my core genius as a creative to shine.

I'm a teacher.

I created Be a Rock Star to teach entrepreneurs in all industries how to make and use video to create their brand, build confidence, establish their expertise, and make more sales. I do this through my free Facebook Group and my series of online mini-courses.


I'm a planet protector.

I co-developed Planet Bonehead, an ongoing tv series which is being used in classrooms throughout the US to teach elementary aged students about the environment, the planet, and science. To date we’ve partnered with 5 of the world’s leading educational distribution companies to bring DVDs and streaming episodes into classrooms worldwide.


I'm a musician & singer.

I've been an alternative rock singer for the past 20 years. Today, I have a solo music project called 1 Man's Angst. If you like alt rock music like 30 Seconds to Mars, Angels & Airwaves, Filter, or Fall Out Boy, you might like my music too.


But my biggest passion is my family.

I’m married to Laura Donohue, and together we have 2 children, Kaila and Luke. Laura and I designed these businesses so I can work from home, and have the time I desire to spend with my family. My businesses are my creative outlet, which I use to entertain and inspire others. My reward is the home and life I share with my family in Long Island, NY.



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